The Right Clothes Could Save Your Life

Does that seem overdramatic, a little over the top maybe? Perhaps a bit of hyperbole? Perhaps a bit of context would help. Our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. The body starts to shut down at 95 degrees and with the loss of another 10 degrees you will lose consciousness.

outdoor clothing

When you’re out and about in nature, the weather can change in an instant, and when you’re up high or exposed things can happen so much faster. If you went for a walk on a sunny day with only shorts and a t-shirt, then you got caught in the rain and wind you could lose warmth too fast to react to it.

That’s why the right outdoor clothing is an absolute must.

It is not always a question of life and death – and so to drop the drama for a while, perhaps you’d prefer to think in terms of comfort and ease. Being over hot is as difficult as being too cold for example. Or the wrong boots can cause blisters, or perhaps you simply prefer a low cut shoe that doesn’t cover your ankle bones.

Whatever it is you need, there are all sort of materials and technology out there that will help you get the right gear. If you plan to canoe all day, get something that will dry overnight. If you’re going above the snow-line take something warm even in the summer. We’re lucky in this day and age even our wool socks come in all sorts of different weights and probably dry faster than before too.

Whatever else happens with the right equipment you will simply have a better time. You free time will be more fun and you’re much more likely to go back and do it again some time.