What Makes a Good Guardrail?

A good guardrail is essential for many things, public safety being one of the biggest items. They are everywhere, at parks, zoos, and on the sides of the road. All there to keep people away from areas they shouldn’t be and always providing a buffer. But what makes a good quality guardrail? Especially on the road where so many dangers can happen.

For one, a guardrail has to be tough, which is why they are primarily made of cement or metal. If a car bumps, swerves, or smashes into one of the rails, then the rail needs to be tough enough to withstand the shock and potentially halt the car’s movement. These cars can range from small minivans to major trucks, so strength is key. It doesn’t matter if your highway guardrail for sale has been used or not, it’s still gotta be strong.

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Next, guardrails need to be durable. Weather conditions such as rain or snow can weaken the metal, erode the cement, and potentially cause rusting. It’s up to the guardrails to be able to weather these conditions and still be tough enough to do their jobs.

In the case of public guardrails, they have to simultaneously provide and prevent access. No one wants to have to climb over a public guardrail just to see what’s happening on the other side. So that’s why most guardrails have gaps in between them. People and children will have a relatively unimpeded view of what’s happening, but will still be kept safe.

Guardrails provide for the world’s safety 90% of the time, and when you have good strong guardrails you are projecting a message of safety and security on roads and in public places. That’s something that will provide several benefits, so make sure that your guardrails are good ones.